House shifting in Dubai is an challenge many residents decide to steer clear of, however the development of the UAE’s real estate market means greater option for residents, who’ve their pick of residential properties and have more choices for finding their dream homes. The cost of moving house in Dubai shouldn’t stop anyone from picking out the best place to live, and this is why we’ve put together a few budget-friendly house moving strategies for those shifting homes in Dubai. Our checklist can help you get rid of any extra costs which are sustained when moving houses in Dubai and be sure that you have fast and simple proceed to your new home.


This tip could possibly be an apparent one, but house shifting in Dubai entails a few methods which many tenants do not know. Including all the formalities surrounding your utility services, i.e. closing your DEWA bill, transferring your Etisalat or Du connections and registering your brand-new tenancy contract with Ejari in Dubai or Tawtheeq in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, when leaving a house, tenants in Dubai need to return the home to its original condition. It’s the tenant’s obligation to get a fresh paint for the walls, fix any damage and the arrange an general tidy up of the place, that is an important key to get the security deposit back. Make contact with your current utility provider and maintenance companies two weeks prior to your move, so that you are able to evaluate the expense and amounts you’ll have to pay for these services. Doing so will assist you to budget the price involved and spend only the necessary amounts, and keep you free from any last second costs.


For anyone who is moving houses which are far aside from one another, by way of example, you’re moving from Dubai to Sharjah, then hiring professional movers in Dubai can help you save a lot as there are many moving companies in Dubai which will look after all your shifting needs. They provide a variety of services which include packing, transporting and decorating as well.  Hiring professional services to help with your house shifting in Dubai will free you from extra expenses of purchasing cardboard boxes, and hiring various suppliers to help transport large items including furniture.

On the other hand, for anyone who is shifting between homes in Dubai that are closely located, or you are on a very tight budget, you are able to help the move yourself. Some things to bear in mind if you’re house shifting in Dubai on your own is to make the most of all resources you’ve available. Don’t purchase cardboard boxes – try to bring empty boxes from your office; printer-paper boxes work nicely for moving small items. Or, ask the local grocery and supermarket stores whether they can spare a few boxes. If it is possible to, clean the house yourself, as hiring professional cleaning services will definitely cost extra. All this can sound stressful, but the the easy way cope with it is to get your friends and family to assist you; you’ll have fun and it’ll make for a great bonding experience.

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